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What is PPC and how can it help my business

What is PPC and How Can It Help Your Business?

So you’ve heard people talking about PPC – but what is PPC? Have you ever gone to Google and clicked on one of the top 3 search listings or clicked on a shopping/product item?
If you have, then you’ve experienced PPC. But to be honest that still doesn’t make it any clearer does it?
So let’s delve in a bit deeper.

Let's Get Social - Top Ten Q&A

Let’s Get Social With Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing – mystifying, daunting, constantly evolving…..but ultimately essential for you and your business. With over 4.2 billion social media users worldwide at the start of 2021 it can actually do your business harm if you don’t have a social presence. But that doesn’t mean you have to set-up a profile on every social platform out there – that would be a heck of a lot of work! Read our answers to the top ten social media marketing questions that come to mind when thinking about starting social media marketing.