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Search Engine Marketing

What is PPC Advertising?

Beginners: All You Need To Know Guide To PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is made to sound really easy by the platforms that promote it, after all it’s just a case of setting up a campaign with auto changes, or boosting a social media post. But in reality it can be very complex, and very easy to get in a muddle (especially with Google Ads auto additions – steer well clear!) and end up wasting valuable budget or advertising to completely… Read More »Beginners: All You Need To Know Guide To PPC Advertising

What is PPC and how can it help my business

What is PPC and How Can It Help Your Business?

So you’ve heard people talking about PPC – but what is PPC? Have you ever gone to Google and clicked on one of the top 3 search listings or clicked on a shopping/product item?
If you have, then you’ve experienced PPC. But to be honest that still doesn’t make it any clearer does it?
So let’s delve in a bit deeper.