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Strategic Digital Marketing Insight & Planning

When it comes to digital marketing strategy it can be hard to know what to launch first, how much you need to spend and what onmi channel marketing approach will actually achieve your business goals.

At Kachi Marketing I provide strategic digital marketing advice and insight for any size business, helping you understand the right path forward and achieve your objectives and goals. Whether you’re looking to boost leads, grow your brand, drive more traffic to your website or optimise existing traffic/customers, I can design a strategic approach that fits your goals and budget, and help you understand it!

I’ll work closely with your key stakeholders to deep dive into your aims, desires and first party data, ultimately producing a digital marketing strategy that will provide you with the know-how you need to go to market with your product, and then either run your digital marketing in-house or (even better) work with the right digital marketing partner – like me!

Why have a digital marketing strategy?

Without one you’re directionless in an extremely busy environment

Know what your objectives are and how to measure your actions against them

Understand who your online customers are, where they are and how to reach them

Track your digital marketing progress, demonstrating the value of your actions

Identify what to do, what to refine and what to stop doing – no longer a busy fool!

Know how much you want to spend to acquire a customer based on what revenue your customers bring

Create a structured and justifiable marketing budget

Why Use Kachi Marketing?

I can help you:

Understand what digital marketing channels and techniques will benefit your business and boost your leads

Create clear customer segments and audience personas

Identify where your prospects are and how you can engage with them

Provide you with the knowledge and data you need to go-to-market with your product or service

Shape a strategy that is focused on getting you the results you need

With our extensive knowledge of client-side digital marketing from national and international companies

By bringing our experience from retail, financial services, SaaS, event ticketing, game development marketing and commercial vehicle sectors

“Don’t hesitate to choose Kate, she’s exceptional, professional and worth every penny”

Aimie Truffas – National Express



per session

Exclusive Access

1:1 Session

5 Hours Ask Me Anything (about digital marketing)

Perfect if you need a focus session to deep dive on a section your digital marketing – a fresh pair of eyes and a chance to strategise and bounce ideas off someone who really gets it!

We’ll work on the area of your digital marketing that’s really causing you a headache, or simply keeping you stuck – and we’ll come up with a solution that works for YOU.

You’ll leave the session with clarity and confidence to move your digital marketing forward – plus we’ll record the session, so you can watch back at anytime.

Power Hour


per session

1:1 Session

Power packed 60 minutes

Pre-session research

A short sharp and sweet session to provide you with those much needed fresh pair of eyes.

We’ll work on that headache problem and craft a solution that really works for YOU and gets you moving.

You’ll leave the session energised with a recording to look back at whenever you need to.

Help me understand my digital marketing approach today

I’d like to I’d like to book in for a free no-obligation chat about how I can create a strategic approach for my digital marketing, where my customers are, how I can properly engage with them and how much I should be budgeting for an effective digital marketing strategy.

My Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

From setting a strategic direction for your digital marketing, or identifying the key channels, activities and approaches that will help you achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing Audit

Let us identify which channels are performing well for you, and contributing to your bottom line, versus those that are underperforming – and are ultimately costing you money.

Market Insights and Research

Identifying trends from qualitative and quantitative data, from key partners and first party data, so we can highlight any opportunities for growth that we can explore together.

Competitor Analysis

Can you name your top three competitors? It’s critical for any business to understand what your marketplace looks like, and where your business fits, so that you can identify where opportunities can be found.

Marketing Budget Audit

Do you struggle to know how to assign your budget spend or justify it to your CEO/CFO? Let us help you align your budget with your KPIs, objectives and seasonal trends – providing you with a clear picture of marketing costs.

Audience Personas

From defining audience personas for your core products, to providing you, your team, or marketing agency with a clear understanding of how best to approach, talk to and ultimately convert your prospects into customers.