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Get to Grips with Google Ads

create successful campaigns on google ads

Practical Training On Google Ads For Beginners

Ever wondered where all your Google Ads budget vanishes to, or if you’ve not started using Google Ads yet, where on earth you even start.

Join my four week training course that provides practical training on how to get to grips with your Google Ads.

Designed for beginners who work in marketing teams and small businesses who want to harness the potential of Google Ads.

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My Get to Grips with Google Ads course is designed for beginners and provides a practical foundation for you to really get to grips with your campaigns and understand how to management your ad spend properly.

Throughout the 4 week programme (2 hours each week) you will learn the basics of creating and managing ad campaigns, targeting the right audience, and measuring campaign performance. Each session will consist of theory, practical exercises and step-by-step instructions to ensure you walk away with a confident and comprehensive learning experience.

By the end of this mini course you’ll be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills to launch a successful Google Ads campaign.


  • No prior experience with Google Ads is required, though it would be handy if you have an account set-up prior to the course
  • Familiarity with basic digital marketing concepts is beneficial but not essential


  • Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to get your Google Ads campaign up and running
  • Pros and cons of running Google Ads
  • Getting set-up : Accessing your campaign dashboard; setting up conversion tracking (and being compliant for GDPR and PECR), billing and your account structure
  • Learn how to target and engage your desired audience, how to undertake keyword research
  • Writing compelling ad copy – that’s always “Excellent”
  • Understand what Google looks for when rating your ads for quality score and what you can do to improve this
  • Reporting on your campaigns

How The Course Will Run

The course will run online. There will be a mix of slides and live walkthroughs of the Google Ads platform, followed by dedicated time for Q&A, and a recording will be sent out to you post course so you can refer back to any parts as and when you want.

Course Dates

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