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Social Media Marketing Management

Have you ever walked into a party, shouted out what you wanted to say, then turned around and walked back out?

Of course not, that would be so rude, right?

Then why do that on social media? Too often businesses just rock up to their social channels and post – they say what they want to, then they don’t respond to comments, and they certainly don’t engage with the wider community.

Want to do better than that, but simply don’t have the time? Then you’ve come to the right place. I can provide expert social media marketing management from my office in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. I’ve experience of working with global and local brands, and will work with you as an extension of your team, to truly bring your businesses’ personality to life on social media.

What Can I Do For You?

Social Media Management

Expert help at your fingertips. We’ll work together to determine your strategic direction, from what to post about and how to strengthen your voice in the community.

“So What” Report

Actionable insight and advice.  For my storyteller package, you receive a “So What” report, that breaks down key results but most importantly direction on what should be done next to either bolster this or reverse any negative trends.

Work With Your Creative Team

Building a strong relationship with your in-house design studio or creative agency, creative content will be repurposed or reproduced for social channels.

Community Management

Community engagement from responding to posts, answering questions and working with your internal experts on the trickier questions to ensure only the correct advice is given.

Maintaining your brand’s conversation with your community and improving your reputation.

Approval Process

Easy to view approval process so you can see what posts are in draft, requiring content, approval or have been scheduled. You’ll be in full control of your social content at all times.

Tone of Voice

Translating your offline brand voice into online, or crafting your online tone of voice from scratch.

Help me to start engaging with my community today

I want to find out how I can utilise your services to effectively engage with my businesses’ social audiences, how I can manage to stay on top of building these relationships and what opportunities there are for me to grow my social networks.

Social Starter


per month

Management of 1 Account

2 posts per week

Daily community engagement checks

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Campaign reporting

Social Chatter


per month

Management of up to 2 Accounts

2 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Campaign reporting

Social Diva


per month

Management of up to 3 Accounts

3 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Monthly Strategy Review

Campaign reporting

Social Storyteller


per month

Management of up to 4 Accounts

4 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Monthly Planning Meeting

Monthly Strategy Review

Campaign reporting

“We are so happy to be one of your clients!”

Anna E. – Global Automotive Brand

Frequently Asked Questions : Social Media Management

How do you get to “know” our business well enough?

When I first start working with you, we’ll have a virtual, or in person – if you’re local to Leamington Spa, meet-up, where we’ll have a cuppa and chat about your business, your objectives, pain points and community.

I’ll also send you a client discovery onboarding document which will ask a series of questions, all of which provide me with valuable insight into your business and market.

After this, we’ll have regular catch-up meetings, and keep open lines of communication about any important updates.

Will you create our social media profiles?

Usually I walk you through setting up your social media profiles, as it’s important that you own and control all your profiles. I’ll then show you how to add me as a manager. This is a much smoother way of getting set-up.

However if needed, I can set-up your profiles, but will transfer them immediately to you as owner and demote my access to manager.

How does social media management work?

You’re here because you’ve realised quite how much time it takes to think of ideas for your social posts, write them and create complementary graphics.

I’m here to take that time drain away from you. I’ll write your posts, highlighting the products and services you want to sell. I’ll create basic static/animated graphics and basic carousels to accompany these, and I can create the copy to accompany any videos or other content you’d like to promote and share.

I’ll ensure everything is aligned with your social media strategy, and will create a social media planning calendar, so you know what’s coming well in advance.

And I’ll triage any comments for you, answering any straight-forward ones. However, I truly believe that in order to build a true relationship between your business and your community, it’s best if your team is directly involved with responding to comments/questions, as only they can give the detailed answers your community deserves.

So, as a Social Media Manager, you are posting for me?

Absolutely, I’ll work with you to ensure all posts are planned and approved in advance, then I’ll take over and ensure they go out as planned, with the correct images, links and tracking tags.

Which social media channels can you manage?

I manage LinkedIn company pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Threads. I can help you craft and write content for your LinkedIn personal profile, but am unable to publish this for you as it’s against LinkedIn policies.

Do you respond to comments?

Yes, I’ll help triage comments, responding to the basic ones and we’ll work together to develop a workable system where I can work with your internal team to get answers for the more detailed questions. This ensures that your team are both providing the detailed answers that your community deserves, and at the same time are gaining insight into what your community is talking about and asking.

How often will you post on my behalf on social media?

I offer 4 packages, each providing a different level of service including the number of posts per channel per week.

Will I still have to login into my social channels and post? I don’t have the time!

No, you certainly won’t. My clients hardly ever need to log into their own social channels. I take away all of that pain and resource drain. However you will still have full control over your accounts.