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Social Media Marketing Management

Have you ever walked into a party, shouted out what you want to say, then turned around and walked back out?

No, of course not, because that would be rude, right?

Then why do that on social media? Too often businesses just rock up to their social channels and post – they say what they want to, then they don’t respond to comments, and they certainly don’t engage with the wider community.

Want to do better than that, but simply don’t have the time? Then you’ve come to the right place. I can provide expert social media marketing management from my office in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. I’ve experience of working with global and local brands, and will work with you as an extension of your team, to truly bring your businesses personality to life on social.

What Can I Do For You?

Social Media Management

I’ll help you with every aspect of your social media management, from working with you to determine the monthly strategic direction, to channel management execution, through to following up on the conversation with your community.

“So What” Report

I’ll provide a monthly report that gives you actionable insight and advice. For my storyteller package, I’ll produce a “So What” report, where I’ll delve further into explaining the highlights and what we can do about them together.

Work With Your Creative Team

I’ll build a strong relationship with your in-house design studio or creative agency, to ensure we can great content for your social channels and that they remain up to date with the latest requirements and recommendations.

Community Management

I’ll engage with your community, answering questions, responding to comments or mentions, and working with your internal experts on the trickier questions to ensure only the correct advice is given. I’ll help your brand maintain a conversation with your community and improve your reputation.

Approval Process

I’ll create an approval process so you can see what posts are in draft, requiring content, approval or have been scheduled. You’ll be in full control of your social content at all times.

Tone of Voice

I’ll work with you to craft your businesses tone of voice, and ensure that is carried through to your social channels.

Help me to start engaging with my community today

I’d like to book in for a free no-obligation chat about how I can effectively engage with my businesses social audiences, how I can manage to stay on top of building these relationships and what opportunities there are for me to grow my social networks.

Social Starter


per month

Management of 1 Account

2 posts per week

Daily community engagement checks

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Campaign reporting

Social Chatter


per month

Management of up to 2 Accounts

2 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Campaign reporting

Social Diva


per month

Management of up to 3 Accounts

3 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Quarterly Planning Meeting

Monthly Strategy Review

Campaign reporting

Social Storyteller


per month

Management of up to 4 Accounts

4 posts per channel per week

Daily community engagement checks

Social Media Audit

Monthly Planning Meeting

Monthly Strategy Review

Campaign reporting

“We are so happy to be one of your clients!”

Anna E. – Global Automotive Brand

My Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Strategy

You might already be using social for your business, or are gearing up to take that leap. Whatever stage you are at, it can be hard to know where to start, how to start, and then how to continue to engage your audience. 

I can help you identify which channels your audience are engaging with and what you need to be doing to be a part of the community.

Social Tone & Mannerisms

Whether your social media is managed by a team in-house or you manage it on your own, everyone has their own style, tone and mannerisms when it comes to talking socially, so it’s important to determine the social tone and mannerism for your brand, and train yourself, your in-house team or agency, how to write (“speak”) in this way so your customers receive a consistent engagement style.

Social Media Outreach Audit

Are you engaging with your social audiences effectively? Are you getting a decent engagement rate with minimal effort? Is your content resonating correctly with your audience?

I’ll audit your existing campaigns and activities using your first party data, and provide you with a report benchmarking current activity and showcasing a range of opportunities to improve your social outreach.

Social Media Monitoring

Let me be your eyes and ears, so you can listen and learn – I’ll comb through the social media channels for you, reporting back to you on what people are saying, what they think and their overall sentiment about your brand/company.

My monitoring dashboards will help you identify your engagement in the communities and what is working/not working.

Social Media Marketing Training

Want to handle your social media in house but need some training to get your team set-up confidently?

Whether you need training on how to use your social listening tool (Sprout, Hootsuite, HubSpot etc) or what to do in certain situations (angry customer, happy customer, posting errors) I can step in and provide training tailored to your company’s needs.