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SEO Audit – Let’s Understand What Needs Fixing

Are you in need of an SEO audit? Is your website performing as well as it could be? Are you being found on Google? Are you spending a fortune on driving paid traffic because your website just isn’t driving organic traffic? Want that to change?

Search Engine Optimisation is complex, there are many tactics and a lot of information to sift through – it’s no wonder that many businesses get it wrong.

I can help you change that today. I offer two services a SEO Health Audit and a SEO Full Audit.

SEO Health Audit

I’ll provide a summary SEO health audit that looks at all the things search engines, like Google, don’t like, and wrap it all up in a summary report for your in-house team or web team to look at.

Plus if you choose to work with Kachi Marketing within 3 months of your health audit, you’ll get every penny back.

SEO Comprehensive Audit

I’ll provide a comprehensive SEO audit looking at your analytics, search engine data, website performance and keywords, as well as a review of your competitors. Resulting in actionable insights for your web team to get started on straight away.

Or get in touch to discuss digital marketing support for your business

Why an SEO Audit?

Resolve on-page issues, helping search engines understand your website

Identify areas for improvement – improving search visibility

Create a better user experience

Improve your site’s overall performance

Understand which keywords are bringing in traffic and converting leads/sales

Gain insight on your competitors search engine presence

Why Use Kachi Marketing?

I can help you:

Identify quick wins that can help your website drive more enquiries, leads and sales

Prioritise issues found so you know what to deal with first

Get clear actionable advice for your web team or agency

Convey findings to your web team (I’m used to speaking their language)

“Kate is extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and has an ability to see the big picture as well as the details. She gains trust from colleagues by being able to explain complex challenges in an accessible way. It’s easy and rewarding to work together with Kate!”

J Erlingson, Global Automotive Brand