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Paid Search Advertising

Whether you’re running extensive campaigns on paid channels, or just thinking about getting started, we can help you make the most of your paid advertising – getting more “bang for your buck” as they say! 

With experience in working on global and local advertising campaigns, from broad to extremely niche audiences, across native, display, search and social channels, I’m an expert in how to optimise your paid advertising.

Why Use Paid Advertising?

Provides the opportunity for specific, granular and relevant targeting – reach the right people

Only pay when you receive clicks to your website or leads generated

Lots of different advert formats (text, image, video et al) – find the advert mix that resonates with your audience

Use paid adverts for remarketing to existing prospects to help with product and brand recognition

Easy to expand or replicate to grow your audience reach when you are ready

It delivers fast results

Get affordable and measurable results

Why Use Kachi Marketing?

I can help you:

Write copy that resonates at every stage of your customers journey

Create targeted, clever campaigns to drive traffic to your website

Understand your existing campaigns – what’s working/not working

Maintain your paid advertising campaigns – eliminating budget waste whilst improving performance

“Kate and her services sounded great and she was super capable to deliver what we were looking for. Also the flexibility and range of hours offered really worked for us.”

A. Truffas, National Express

Start optimising my paid advertising today

I’d like to book in for a free no-obligation chat about my current paid advertising approach, what I want to gain from my paid advertising and what opportunities there are for me to grow my advertising reach and/or reduce my costs

My Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising Campaign Audit

Are your paid campaigns converting at an optimal level and driving the best return-on-investment (ROI) for your business?

Let us help you by auditing your existing paid campaigns, identifying opportunities for improvements and ultimately improving your return-on-investment (ROI).

Paid Advertising Management

Not enough time in the day or resource in your team to enable you to be on-top of and in control of your paid advertising campaigns?

Let us help you stop excessive wastage of both opportunities and budget by undertaking the day-to-day monitoring and running of your paid advertising campaigns.

Digital Advert Copy-Writing

Short, snappy, to the point AND effective – we can review your existing advert copy and write new advert copy that works for your products and services. 

We can write advert copy up front for thorough approval, or on the fly to react to performance or situational developments.

Campaign Building and Advert Set-up

Whether you’re advertising on Google, Bing (don’t discount them – their conversion stats for some products/services are phenomenal), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, display advertising or video advertising, we can help you build your campaign structure in an effective and efficient way.

Remarketing Campaigns

Using quality data from your analytics and paid campaigns, we can help you identify the best areas in your buyer’s journey where key decisions are being made.

We work with you to create remarketing audiences and craft advertising copy that really resonates with your customers – providing them with a meaningful advertising experience.

Custom Audience Advertising

Do you have a strong opted-in customer and prospect database? Whilst email marketing is a good channel to talk to these customers and prospects, it can struggle to convert on its own. 

We can help you create an advertising campaign that talks solely to this engaged audience, providing you with strong conversions.

Look-a-like Advertising

Do you want to broaden your reach but only have a small budget? Or do you have an audience segment who time after time convert better than others?

Let us help you create a look-a-like paid advertising campaign using platform data to identify people who “look like” your existing customers based on their demographic and social profiles.

Display Banner Design

Need display banners created for your display advertising campaign? We can create a suite of smart, effective and on-brand HTML5 banners.

We work to the IAB new Standard Ad Unit Portfolio guidelines for all our banner creatives, ensuring that your adverts get served in as many places as possible.