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Is Your Website GDPR/PECR Compliant?

How To Ensure Your Website Is GDPR/PECR Compliant

For a while now the clock’s been ticking following the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018 and PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) update in 2019. But yet many websites are shockingly still not compliant. In order to be compliant you need to have a consent banner on your website which provides the user with the option to consent, not consent, and ideally to select their own… Read More »How To Ensure Your Website Is GDPR/PECR Compliant

Upgrade to GA4 Now or Not?

Upgrade to GA4 Now or Not?

Back in November 2020 Google announced it’s latest release of Google Analytics – GA4. If you’re using Google Analytics Universal you’ll no doubt have seen a notification bar prompting you to upgrade to GA4. But making a change like this can be quite nerve wracking!

The Impact of Third Party Cookie

Impact Of Third-Party Cookie Removal On Marketing Teams – Don’t Panic

On Wednesday 3rd March Google announced that in addition to removing support for third-party cookies, they wouldn’t be replacing them with any similar style individual trackers. In this article we’ll look at what impact this could have on the digital advertising of small businesses and small marketing teams, and what you can do to minimise that impact.