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Best New Business/Start-up & Business Mum of the Year Nominations

The Family Network Business Recognition Awards 2021 Nominated for Best New Business/Start Up and Business Mum of the Year

It’s 2022 and our feet are hitting the ground running with nominations for two awards.

Both nominations are part of the The Family Network Business Recognition Awards 2022.

Firstly as Best New Business/Start-up and secondly (though it depends on whether you ask my kids and husband) as Business Mum of the Year.

Competition is bound to be tough with so many fantastic businesses out there. But it’s a privilege to receive recognition for the hard work put in over the last 11 months.

(Eek I can’t believe we’re coming up on Kachi Marketing’s 1st birthday! *better start planning a party*)

Since February 2021 I’ve been working with some fantastic clients, helping them to:

  • Streamline their digital marketing processes
  • Improve performance insight through digital marketing analytics
  • Develop social media strategies and crisis comms procedures
  • Optimise their paid advertising
  • Build stronger relationships with their existing agencies
  • Recruit for in-house teams

And I’m especially pleased to be staying aligned with the initial three desires that made me launch Kachi Marketing:

  • To bring a true understanding of client-side marketing pain points to an agency provision. Becoming an extension to a marketing team and helping them improve existing agency relationships and processes
  • Bring a wealth of knowledge, gained from working within large global corporations, to smaller businesses and over-stretched marketing teams, and finally
  • Create a flexible work life balance enabling me to support and ‘be there’ for my two young children

The last point is a very poignant one, especially with the nomination as Business Mum of the Year. I have two wonderful children (but I’m biased!), my daughter who is two years old, and my son who is five years old and currently awaiting assessment for high level functioning autism and demand avoidance.

My son’s neuro-diversity means that he has high levels of anxiety, even over the tasks that you or I would find “run of the mill” or mundane (like putting his shoes on). This leads to a requirement to operate a low demand household – which leads to delays in “schedules”, and as such I needed to build a business that provides day-to-day flexibility, but still enable me to continue doing what I love – helping companies with their digital marketing challenges!

Thank goodness I like a good challenge!

The finalists are due to be announced this month, so we’ll be keeping an eye on our inbox and social media feed with our fingers crossed.